Sunday, September 25, 2011

Felting Kits 
Enjoy needle felting with My Green Toy Box felting kits.  Needle felting is the art of taking raw wool roving, a barbed needle and sculpting it into works of art.  It is fun and easy. It is a great activity to do alone or with family and friends.  Each kit comes with a 100% cotton bag, picture directions, wool roving in beautiful colours and 2 felting needles.  Each bag holds lots of fun and creativity. 

Ball Felting Kit 
Creating balls out of felt is easy and fun.  The balls you felt can make a great gift for any child or as an ornaments in your Holiday tree.  They also look pretty hanging from a window or make small ones and string them on a rope for a necklace.  The possibilities are endless! Each 100% cotton bag holds enough wool to make 3 palm sized balls or many small ones, picture directions and 2 felting needles. 

 Here is a sneak peak at some of my felted goods...more to come...

Cutesie Owls

Moon Dolls

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